Help Using HitFilm's Audio Noise Reduction Feature

I'm working on a project, and the audio sounds very clear and crisp- except for an underlying annoying sound that was picked up on set. It was something that we didn't have control over and couldn't turn off, and it makes the audio much worse. I've been trying to use HitFilm's "Noise Reduction" feature, but I'm having trouble understanding how to use it. All it says is "Capture noise print" and "add to noise print", but I'm not sure how to capture a noise print. If anyone could help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it:)


  • Taken from the manual.

    This is a quick way to clean up audio which is suffering from unwanted background noise.

    After applying the effect, move the playhead to a frame containing a clean example of the noise. This should be a frame where there is no other interfering noises. For this reason when recording audio is is always worth recording a section of 'clean' audio before recording your actual subject. Clicking the Capture noise print button samples the frame, so that HitFilm can recognize the noise.

    In many cases the noise will be immediately removed. You can adjust the amount of removal with the Reduce by property - note that too much reduction can result in unnatural audio. Threshold is used to retain audio data, determining precisely how much of the original is removed. You can add additional detail to the noise print using Add to noise print, or reset the noise print entirely.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    36:40 in this video.

  • I tried the noise reduction, per the instructions in the video. I kept tweaking the reduction and threshold. 

    There were a couple clips where it worked ok, but it drastically decreased the sound. 

    Mans there were one or two clips where the noise reduction had zero affect. I was moving the sliders all over the place and the audio didn’t change a bit. 

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