Dripping blood effect?


  • You can't directly.

    You could probably try using the Displacement effect on some text where you basically create the final shape by smearing the shape in an external paint program from a PNG of the original letters and then use increasing Y displacement to change the letters from normal to distorted. More fiddly, but if someone is looking for a tutorial to make, that would be a useful candidate. :)

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    @Palacono you're on to something. I think you can do it procedurally 100% Hitfilm using two copies of an embedded comp of text.

    Bottom copy, use Erode to choke that copy.

    In another embedded comp create a fractal noise with colors of white and 50% gray. Maybe a mosaic or derez to make small (say 3px) blocks. Add angle blur to get vertical streaks.

    This fractal noise is the source layer for a Displacement effect on the bottom text. Animating Displacement Y will create drips.

    A bit of Heat Distortion on the bottom text with no noise animation might give some wiggle.

    @Palacono I MAY be trying to get a tutorial out on this, but this week is already slammed. 

    Alternate method. You still need an embedded text comp.

    Now, you basically follow this tutorial, except you set your emitter type to LAYER and select the text comp.


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    @Andersen01498 that's 97% awesome.

    There's a bit of black between the letters and the drips that kills the illusion, but fix that and it's a great look. What did you do to get there?

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    @Triem23 ; here is the updated version, here's how I did it.  

    1.   Make a comp two separate fractal noise comps.   First fractal noise has energy/linear, a scale of 2.2... then add angle blur.   Second fractal noise comp has energy/cubic same scale... then add two angle blurs, have them separate lengths.  (this sets up the different lengths of dripping blood) IF your comp is standard size mask half of the comp... this defines the area where the blood is dripping from. 

    2.  Make a comp for the text, bring in the two fractal noise comps.  Add your text to the text comp.   Add the two displacement effects to the text.   The source layers are going to be the fractal noise comps.    

    3.  Then animate the vertical displacement( add variety)  


  • I worked on this a month or two ago, and really wanted to have a Quick Tip video done in time for Halloween, but my work schedule has prevented me from doing anything. It's still coming, though.



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