Making a line or a box width 0px width to 1080px width


I'm new to Hitfilm and maybe its a stupid question.

I want to make a line from the left of the screen to the right, in 3 seconds from with 0 to 1080px, so that its seems to grow bigger. Maybe is that the  same way to do for a box (plane). I would use that for information-boxes or something with a small animation. Or a Progress-Bar.

So i can make the boxes bigger and i can adjust the anchor point, but the scale is in procent and the anchor point in pixels, so its mostly not exact.

Did you have a tipp or a tutorial, where i can see how to make that?


Sorry i'm german and my engish is horrible.


  • I would draw the line and then create  a mask layer over the top. 

    I'd then move the mask to reveal the line over the 3 seconds.

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    If you're drawing LINES, then look at the Lightning effect. By turning glow opacity and radius to 0, branches to 0 and wave scale and wave twitch to 0 you're left with a straight line. By animating the growth parameters you can animate the line. 

  • +1 to @Triem23 tip that works, done it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Works with Lightsword too. 

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    For a progress bar you could use a plane (or any 'bar like' graphic) that you shrink down to nothing by breaking the link on the scale parameters so you can make it narrow while remaining as tall as you need it.

    If you put the Anchor Point at one side, rather than in the middle, it will scale in one direction and so give you your progress bar.

    Although the percentages and pixels maths calculation might be confusing, you can probably ignore it entirely. Create the size and position you want for 100% and set a keyframe for it at 3 seconds. Shrink the width down to 0% and set a keyframe at 0 seconds. It will automatically scale between the two sizes - whatever they are - over the 3 seconds you require.

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    @Palacono great suggestion. 

  • The only minor problem with scaling a plane is that (the last time I checked, which was a few seconds ago) HitFilm still has some issues with unwanted "feathering" of plane edges when scaled really small in one axis.  If the progress bar needs to literally start at the exact left edge of the comp and grow to the exact right edge, I suggest using position keyframes instead of scale to avoid this problem.

    Make the initial size of the plane exactly as you want it to appear in its final form; for example, 1920x50.  Then use position keyframes to move it from offscreen over the time you want.  If it doesn't need to contact the exact left and/or right edges, then use Set Matte to control where it's visible over time.

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    @jsbarrett Oops, forgot about that.  It's bad from 0% to 20% and really bad in the first 0-4%. :(

    OK, then yet another alternative is just a Mask the entire size of the plane that moves over to the right to reveal it with some keyframes, which is Mask>Transform>Path.

    One totally covered at 0 seconds and one completely moved right at 3 seconds.

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