Trying to make water bending in hifilm

So I'm trying to create waterbending in hitfilm. I've combined the light streak tutorial from  inscape digital and the caustic tutorial from  @triem23. To create this

It's an old video that I used. I'm going to try to wrap the water around me with greenscreen, for my next test. Any suggestions are appreciated.



  • I would suggest trying to use the water simulator in Blender, it looks a lot better, is a lot easier and is more realistic. All you really need to do is create water sphere with a "force" force field and some sort of simple glass materal (animate the force field where the water should go). than render that with alpha channels and bring it into Hitfilm, in my opinion I think you should try to combine the symulation with what you already have but it'll look fine eather way. Than, add a light wrap effect to the water and maybe a lense flare or two. 


    Hope this helps,


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Interesting way to blend two techniques. There's a lot of potential there. Without seeing your project setup, I'm guessing, but are you using your background video as the "Bottom Texture" in Caustics? That would have the water refract the background plate and help it "sit" in the world. 

  • @d1a1v1e1 thank you, though I'm trying to stay away from blender. My computer wouldn't be able to handle it lol. @triem23 when I try to place the background as the bottom texture it changes the whole video, so I have left it blanked. So today I took away the glows and diffuse from it and it now has a clear more realistic look to it. I greenscreen my daughter and I'm going to try to wrap the water around her tonight. 

  • @maui9 your talk of having the water going around you, reminds me of an old particle sim shot that Hitfilm did a tutorial on many years ago. The effect is essentially particles looping around the video (greenscreen person) in 3D space. The 3d space and layering of the media handles the in-front and behind automatically, meaning no roto work. I had a look for the video and dam it I can't find it now.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andy001z I think it's this one. It's actually off Simon Jones' personal channel, not an official Hitfilm tutorial.

    Maui, setting this up correctly might require chromakey. Or roto. You'll need the actor isolated to use this technique. 

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    @Triem23 That is not the one I was thinking off, but I have seen it before and yes does the same thing. The one I am thinking of is older and had the actor in jedi costume that was keyed and brought into Hitfilm.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Oh. Think I know the one you mean. But, if this does the same thing, good enough. 

  • I used hitfilm sensi and his middle smoke video to do the rigging. What I learned is when you do the 3D unrolled the effects of caustics disappears. Makes since since it's more of a 2d effect. So now I am masking, I'll check out the video when I can and thanks. 

  • sorry guys I've been super busy. So i have failed to create something that i like and will give up here. This is what came out of it, my computer by the way almost died just doing just this. So i will be trying to get a new computer on black Friday. If that happens then i will dive into blender and try creating something there, Thank you guys for all the help. Here is what i came up with.

  • The water coming at the screen is excellent! Well done.

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