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  • I meant both, @Triem23 . It takes hours upon hours for me to do anything in Hitfilm that isn't just slapping some images or video snips together, and it's not like I'm getting awesome results...yet.  This whole discipline requires a HUGE volume of learning, then trying, then more learning and experimenting, getting frustrated, starting again...........  :D

  • @DLKeur it's just like any new skill set. It just takes time and practice. You're already producing good work while "stumbling around." I mean if you were to look back at your earliest writings you'll find a metaphor you found fantastic at the time that now makes you cringe. 

  • @Triem23 : Don'tcha know? I'm still quite illiterate, really.  REEEELy! ;)

  • All right TripleM!

    Thanks for all the new info and entertainment!

    Go away for a few days and come back for an avalanche.

    0_0      ;-]

  • @Triem23 - Thank you for the scopes tuts! I'm new to scopes and your tuts put scopes in perspective. Still processing the lower thirds scopes template thingy but it'll click eventually. Also subscribed to HitFilm U. A lot of info to absorb.....holy cow!!! You've been busy!!! Still have time to work? Better yet- still have time to sleep?!?

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    Cracking look you got there. The speed of the plane felt very natural. 

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    @Andy001z thanks!

    @StormyKnight thanks! Sleep? Yeah, I get that. I suppose it helps that I lost my regular job in November, and, since I'll be in Antarctica for a month at the end of the year I won't be "day job" hunting anytime soon. Since it's all freelance work right now, I've got more free time....

    Ok, here's one I did for fun, [laying around in Hitfilm Express.... No add ons.

    Adapted from this AE tutorial from Visionary Universe.

    I made it a point to do this in stock Express with no add-on packs. Pro would have made the surrounding stars a lot easier....

  • @Triem23  Very nice!  Knowing enough to be able to transpose an effect from a tutorial of another software is a lot like being able to transpose music, I think.  I can't do either, but you are a maestro at it.  Like playing the piano, I just muddle along in Hitfilm and hope I pick up a few things along the way and not be too clunky. 

  •  @Triem23 Very nice! An effect I see used A LOT in After Effects is the turbulent displace. What did you use instead in Hitfilm? 

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    @ZCC_Productions Turbulent Displacement is a standard old Displacement Filter with a built-in Fractal Noise Generator. A plane with Fractal Noise as a Displacement Source does the trick. 

    In Pro, use Heat, Energy, Fluid or Smoke Distortion. Turn Diffusion down to zero. Those are Displacement effects with built-in Noise generators. In fact, technically they could all combine into a single "Fractal Displacement" Effect. 

    @spydurhank thanks! 

  • @Triem23 Thanks, I might give the galaxy a go then...

    Another question: In the tutorial they used an expression to make the core align towards the camera on only one axis. Is it possible to have something align on only one axis in Hitfilm?

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    @ZCC_Productions Turbulent Displacement is pretty easy to do in Hitfilm even if it's not a single 'drag'n'drop' effect like in AE. Put some Fractal Noise ,or Clouds on a Plane Layer at the bottom of a Composite shot and add a Grade Layer above it. Fiddle about to get it fairly contrasting with small pockets of Black and White bloblets. When you're happy with that, save it as a Preset for later ;) . Then turn off its visibility. 

    Take your other layer you want to be Turbulently displaced and use the Displacement Effect on it and set the Source Layer to point at the Grade Layer. Adjust the Displacement values to something like 15 for X and Y and you're done. Again save as a Preset when happy.

    An alternative is to do the Fractal Noise on a plane in a separate Composite shot instead of using the Grade Layer to Flatten it, then dragging that into the main Composite and pointing directly at it, as you don't need the Grade Layer then.

    If you want it to move: put in some keyframes for something like the Seed value in Fractal Noise, or you can actually set the speed of the Clouds in the Clouds Effect.

    Edit: Oh, BTW, if you want a 'Heat Haze' Effect in Express, drop the Lens Blur Effect on the same layer as the Displacement Effect and set the Source Layer for that at your Grade Layer/Composite-shot-with-Fractal-Noise-in and Set that to use Luminance too. Two for one! :D

    Edit: Edit: Oh, I see I was too slow. ;)

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    @Palacono I didn't say (or think of) the Lens Blur trick. Nice one. 

    @ZCC_Productions it is not. I went brute force, dropped the opacity of the core layer, duplicated it 3 times and rotated the duplicates 45,90, and 135 degrees on Y. Basically gave it some psuedo thickness. 

    Same way I did the "Stardust." really small-scale fractal noise layers choked to white dots rotated in X and Y to leave 8 interlocking planes. 

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    @Triem23 I see...

    Being in Pro 2017, I can uses particles for the stars, and couldn't I used a 3D unrolled sphere model that's been squished into an oval, with some glows?

    @Palacono Nice tips! Especially helpful for Express users...

  • Very nice!

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    That galaxy is literally out of this world, Triem23 !!!

    I need a translator to go from AE to HF though.  Any tutorials from you on this one?          

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    Tutorial Preview. Spooky Halloween Eye.

    Years ago I did a similar animation in Vegas (fully 2D) which we used as part of the front of our haunted maze for a good four or five years. You can see the original in this video....

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    Hootenanny time! Woo-hoo!!

    Nice spooky Halloween eye. Did you use lightning for the veins or is it an already designed 3D model of an eye??

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    @StormyKnight no Hoot for me this year.

    Yup, used lightning to make the veins. It's all procedural stuff that can be done in Express. 

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    @Triem23- I should dabble with Express more than I do. Being in the middle of this TV show pilot has me stuck in HF17 majority of the time.

    No Hoot?!?!?! Too much work going on this year?


  • @Triem23 I just found this. Can you make a tutorial on that dissolve test or do you have one? Unfortunately the dropbox link to the template doesn't work anymore.

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    @Juda1 Um. Yeah, I'll do a tutorial on that dissolve soonish.

    In the meantime, other than doing my phone's case in Hitfilm, I realized it had been over a year since I did a shot that wasn't part of a tutorial or work thing. Too damn long to just play...

    So I re-did the materials on an Eagle Transporter I'd initially set up in HF2U. Obviously with Cook-Torrance I was able to really improve the materials.

  •  That there is purty :-)

  • Sweet!  I haven't seen the original, but this one looks pretty cool.

  • Super nice!


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    @jsbarrett I certainly didn't light it like Gerry Anderson's FX guys. 

    The Eagle is just one of the best ships in sci-fi, and especially beautiful for being a British TV production a couple of years before Star Wars.

    Actually I wish I'd found this slide show earlier. This will be useful in really dialing in the materials. 

  • @Triem23 ; Sorry for the confusion.  By "haven't seen the original" I was referring to your original render from HF2U, not the original show.

  • @Triem23 ; Really nice job on the flyby!

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    @jsbarrett my mistake. On the other hand I wouldn't have found that slideshow and its got great reference frames. Google image search brings up more fan renders and toy shots than actual production stills. :) 

    @Stargazer54 why do I have the sudden urge to see an Eagle bounce off of Jupiter 2... Jupiter 2 would survive, of course, but the poor Eagle would spin into something and blow up....

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