How to Fix Green Screen Issues


I'm trying to figure out how to fix my Hit Film 4 express green screen issues and am struggling to find a solution.

My head gets all distorted in my test video here:

Does anyone here know what I'm doing wrong? 

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  • There could be a lot going on, how was you screen and actor (you) lit? If there is not enough difference between the green background and you it might have issues. Also it looks like you need a bit of feathering on the edge currently very harsh that makes it look fake. I am assuming u have short hair, because hair can be a big issue.

  • @ExittheShell ; I am not expert but I recently changed my camera settings to Progressive 60p from Interlaced and the footage got grainy on me, so I just changed it back to 60i and I get weirdness like that until I add a deinterlace effect to it, but so much clearer.  Is it possible you are shooting interlaced footage to get that little distortion on the hair?

  • @ExittheShell

    I would suggest adding the matte cleaner effect after the key and fiddle around with that. Try adjusting smoothness and fade the edges a little.

  • Check your lighting. Show us what it looks like with the Green Screen.

  • Hi Dave!

    I think it's a pretty decent greenscreen. Remember that the greenscreen capabilities of HF-Express is limited, and you get more advance controls with the PRO version. 

    Here are my suggestions

    1. Be sure to have a nice even light in the greenscreen itself. That helps the software a lot to do the keying.

    2. If you are using the "Greenscreen preset", try to add "ChromaUV blur" before everything else in the keying, and use ony a couple of pixels.

    Keep in mind that hair is the worst enemy of greenscreen and it's hard to make it look perfect. 

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