Upres to 2k?

Hi, I'm running hitfilm express 2017. Crested my video was filmed in 1080p and want to upres to 2k for upload to YouTube. Is there any settings I need to change anything I need to do other than click export with the YouTube 2k preset?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Probably not.

    Understand, scaling up doesn't magically create new pixels. You'll just get a slightly soft 1440p video. 

  • Ok. Right I understand that it won't create pixels. I guess I should say I was reading and watching some videos and it suggested upscaling the video to combat with the video compression on YouTube. Is this correct or should just export it in 1080 and be done with it?

  • If you upscale 1080p to 4k, then YouTube will allow you a higher Bitrate, which can make your 1080p footage look better than if you uploaded 1080p in the first place, but the 4k won't look any (or much) better than if you played 1080 on a 4k monitor/TV and allowed it to upscale in realtime.

  • I got you. I just wont worry about it then. Thanks 

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