Can I make an EDL as a clip is playing?

I want to shoot a project like this:

(I just found this video from 2012 -- missed it first time around)

Can I make an Edit Decision List as a clip is playing?  Meaning, if I keep the camera rolling and the animator is stepping in and out of the frame, I don't want to keep stopping the playback during editing to capture a frame.  I'd like to keep the video playing and hit some key combination that saves to file the timecode of the frame I want.  Then I want Hitfilm to go fetch all the frames as it renders.

Any way to make this happen?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Not in Hitfilm. This would require a lot of work to add. Hitfilm doesn't have live ingest to start with. Then you're asking basically for real time frame marking and extraction. It's a specific specialized tool for stop motion you're asking for. 

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