Color Correcting - HitFilm Colorist Add-On or DaVinci Resolve

So, I'm moving right along with my project,"Darn That Russ!", and as I've also been learning about color correcting, color grading, LUTs, and the like, I found out Resolve 14 was free and that I could import various LUTs into a project.  The issue and finding at the moment is I can't figure out how to import video to even begin color correction.  I am aware that HF has its own color correcting and grading... thing.  I hate spending the money on it but since I'm starting to find my way around this software as I am, it would be stupid not to purchase this add-on.  What can you guys advise?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    To export footage to Resolve from Hitfilm your best option in Hitfilm Express is either uncompressed AVI or PNG Image Sequences.

    Resolve has the best color grading tools on the market--unsurprising as it started out as a coloring program that had an NLE bolted to it much later--but Hitfilm's got solid color grading tools of its own.

    Colorist Pack is useful (but you'll also need the Starter Pack for the full color correction set. Starter Pack has the Color Correction Wheels). So. The question kind of becomes how familiar are you with Hitfilm so far, how familiar with Resolve are you so far, and how much time do you have to learn? Both those packs would be $35 total.

    That would let you do pretty much anything you'd need to do in Hitfilm. Advantages--well, doing CC in Hitfilm means NOT waiting for a render to import to Resolve, and NOT waiting for a render out of Resolve to bring back to Hitiflm for audio mixing. Resolve does have better tools, but, honestly, most of that stuff is overkill for anyone who isn't a working pro in a pipeline working with high end gear.

    As an example, if you're shooting on a DSLR, MFT or Mirrorless camera, chances are your source footage is 8-bit/channel 4:2:0 to begin with, and doesn't hold enough data to take advantage of Resolve's tools. Hitfilm would be more than enough.

    Ironically, when I use resolve I STILL reach for the Hitfilm Ignite plug-ins. Yes, in Resolve I'm still using some Hitfilm color tools. Make of that what you will.

  • Wow, okay, you twisted my arm.  DR is going in the trash and I'm getting the add-on.  I already have the Starter pack but need the other.  I like being able to pick and choose what I need with the add-ons.  I guess one other question I have is will I be able to import LUTs I find online into HF with Colorist?  Thanks so much for your time and your answer.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I wouldn't say DR should "go in the trash!" It's great software, and worth keeping around. Remember, one IS allowed you use multiple programs. I have HF Pro, and use Resolve AND Vegas Pro, AND other tools. Part of the reason I use Hitfilm Ignite in Resolve is I also use Ignite in Vegas and other programs, and Ignite gives me the same Hitfilm effects across several programs which makes it easier to match shots.

    Keep Resolve and certainly use it. (And download Ignite Express, which is free and brings Hitfilm effects into Resolve). But, as you're already familiar with Hitfilm, learn THAT first, then Resolve. :-D

    Yes, the Colorist pack has LUT import. :-)

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