Slice at Playhead shortcut?

hi, I'm new to Hitfilm 4 Express, and I was just wondering if there was some sort of shortcut that sliced wherever your playhead is at on the timeline. Any help is appreciated!


  •  Ctrl+Shift+D is the default shortcut for that action. You can change this to something else if you want.

    You can see the keyboard shortcuts listed in the Options dialog. This is also where you would edit/change the shortcuts if so desired.

    The user manual also lists keyboard shortcuts.

  • @Moiyo


    Note that that only the selected layers are sliced.

  • @Moiyo

    Yup, what all the previous people said. I use the cut shortcut so often that I just set it to the D key, not with ctrl+shift.

  • I change it to 'S' given my Vegas history.

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