This made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


  • Well it looks ok, nice effects, not sure about the new JaJa binks thing with Chewie. I can't of imagine a Jedi ghost of HansSolo standing next to them with his head in his hands. "You replaced me with that!!!"

    I'll go and see it, have to, fan and all.

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    Since this is a VFX forum, I'll be the jerk who points out the thumbnail.

    "Glow" is darker than the surrounding rocks, no cast light on rocks or Rey.

    Otherwise... Sorry, yawn. The prequels made it difficult to remain a Star Wars fan, since those were examples in potentially interesting storytelling, but absolutely zero engagement with the characters. Episode VII was a lame re-tread of EP IV, but at least they remembered to make me like the characters heroes (Kylo Ren lost all threat when he threw his little temper tantrum and killed a defenseless wall). Rogue One--don't get me started. You'll disagree with me, but it's actually worse than the prequels. Disney stewardship so far reinforces my firm belief that there are only three good Star Wars movies, and you can't watch those anymore.

    Episode VII takeaways? Kill that Pokemon thing hanging out with Chewie, and, oh, look--Phasma seems to have survived. Perhaps she won't be a complete and total waste of Gwendolyn Christie's talents this time?

  • @Triem23 My reaction to Rogue One - WTF? I just watched The Magnificent Seven a couple of months ago and you suckered me into paying to see it again..........

  • @Triem23, Yes I disagree with you! ;) I personally think the story is amazing, but of course with much mystery! And Poe is my new favorite character, he is so amazing! And the effects are Epic, and I know obviously that there are a lot of tricks that they put in the trailer. Nice to also see snoke! I also saw this

    There really is no point in it, but still fun to watch ;)


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     Sad to say,  @Triem23 ; , I have to agree you on this as well.  Maybe it's because we saw the originals in the theatres when they were new, but this trailer left me feeling Meh. And, yes, my disdain for Kylo Ren is the exact same watershed moment as you mention. All the revisionist want to opoint out what a bada*s he is for beating his own wound to power up with hate and pain, but really he's just a *&Y&(&%^*%^% (can't be spoken in the forum)   Now, I actually liked Rogue One for what it was, but enough with the prequels already Hollywood...Oh, and the *&^^$#@^ ing REBOOTS!  Pay some new writers to do something original instead of trying to pinch a penny until it squeals by using crap to which you already own the rights.

  • Yeah . . .  the Pokeman thingy... what the frak?   Can you say toys for tots?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Stargazer54 Ewoks all over again. Minor note--either Chewie is using a new hair gel, or he, too, was CGI...

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