Oh man, I have to learn this plexus technique....


starts 0:08

After watching this, I feel so compelled to learn to make plexus designs in my videos. I'm not sure if Hitfilm supports this though, if it's possible I want to learn it, if not, I think we should add this to future Hitfilm features.


  • Hi, I saw this cool effect in a youtube video (starts 0:15): 


    It's the weird dimensional, "mountainous," design that appears on the bottom half of the clip. 

    I was wondering if this was possible to make this in Hitfilm 2017 express.  

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    Kind of. I don't think it'll be as detailed as what they have, and getting that distortion of the background is tricky, but the wire frame mountain itself is actually pretty easy to do.

    Create a Composite Shot.

    Create a Plane.

    Create a Point, make it 3D and name it "Mountain Point"

    Add Fractal Noise to the layer.

    Add Parallax to the layer.

    Look for the "Transform From" property in Parallax and set this to "Mountain Point"

    Adjust Depth to. 200

    Add a Grid effect.

    Now, by moving and rotating the Mountain  Point, you should be moving around a 3D wire frame type thing.

    Parallax works by using a black and white image as height data. White is low. The fractal noise is to add texture for the parallax. You can use any black and white image instead of the fractal noise.

    Grid you can figure out on your own. :) 

  • Wow that was a fast reply. TY! 

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    I tried the steps, unfortunately I cannot find the "Transform From" property.  Do you mean to change from "None" to "Mountain Point" in Height Map?

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     Sorry, I was not actually at my computer, and my brain crossed Parallax and 3D Extrusion.

    Ok, so Create a Composite Shot, named "Fractal."

    Create a plane.

    Add Fractal Noise Effect.

    Create a new Composite Shot named "Grid"

    From the media bin drag in your fractal composite shot and another copy of the plane.

    Hide the Fractal composite.

    On the plane layer add Grid. Try setting point 1 position to 0,0, point 2 position to 75,75 and Border Radius to 1.5

    Add Parallax.

    In Parallax change the Height Map layer to Fractal.

    Adjust depth.

    Convert the plane layer into 3D and rotate it.

    Note the edge of the layer is an absolute boundary and it will cut off the wireframe. You'll have to position your camera in such a way to not see the edges of the plane.

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    Nice, I got it. It's not as nice looking, and probably could use more work, but I heard the plexus stuff in AE costs alot, so I guess it's better than nothing. Ty again! 

  • One thread per question, please. :) 

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