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    No, there is no kind of time bomb or diminished usability built into Hitfilm. There do seem to be several issues with speed for Windows 10 users after the most recent Windows update. Since I'm on Windows 7 and not effected by this issue, I am not certain what the fix actually is.  The two threads below have more information.

    EDIT: Perhaps this thread?

    Or this thread:

  • @aguiarenegmailcom It does not. Check your system specs to make sure they meet the minimum requirements.

  • Tá brabo


  • Ola meu PC esta com um erro quando vai abrir o USP file explorer o programa trava e pergunta "fechar programa" e se eu clicar no "x" ele também fecha 

    Por favor me ajudem 

    (Resolvendo o erro)

  • When I add a video to edit Hitfilm 4 Express says the file is not supported.
    What to do?
  • i just downloaded this software. PLEASE HELP ME TO START EDITING A VIDEO CLIP from the start pleeeeease in the simplest step by step language. I am an amateur. Many thanks in advance.

  • @Hitfilmer180576 ; Very hard to answer without knowing exactly where you are in the process and what you're trying to do.   But these few videos might help you get going.

  • Also check out the Hitfilm tutorials. Maybe look at the video editing and beginner selections.

    Introducing editing, Editing essentials, Introducing the Hitfilm workflow, 

    In the Beginner section maybe take a look at "Project One - get started in Hitfilm Pro"

  • no time bomb in the software, maybe you upgraded some drivers that caused an issue, or changed the type of media. I still have Hitfilm Express 2 that runs just fine.

  • @BonfaTutoriais More information is needed.  What kind of file were you importing?  What OS are you running?  Which version of HitFilm are you using?

  • Hello, I was using hitfilm for the past year and suddenly it stopped working and appeared the messagem "Hitfilm mas encountered a problem and has to exit. To help us fix this problem, please send the crash report to us." I have tried sending the crash report but it does not work, I tried to unistall and start all over again and it didn´t go, I tried to delete some old documents to open space...nothing worked. What can it be? Can I download the older version (before 2017) again and see if works? O really want to finish a video and can´t move forward with it!! Thankss!! 

  • @renatapolacow ; As I understand it, if you had a version of Hitfilm prior to the one you are using now, the activation serial and download link to it should be in your user account settings.  If it was installed on a different computer, check to make sure it has been deactivated as an installation on that computer before you try to install it on another or it will have problems activating. Hope this helps.

  • Hi @tddavis I tried it again for the 3rd time...unistalled, went to my account setting and downloaded again using the option of using my serial number. Continued appearing the message "Hitfilm mas encountered a problem and has to exit. To help us fix this problem, please send the crash report to us." 

    Any other suggestions on how to get this problem sloved?


  • @renatapolacow ; No, I'm afraid that I am just another user here in the forum.  I am clueless about the more technical issues that arise.

    It sounds like you might need to contact support directly:

    I saw this link floating around that should help you contact tech support direct.  They are based in London so keep in mind the time difference when expecting a reply. Sorry.

  • @tddavis thanks, I will write them!


  • I have a notebook (Acer Gamer Acer Intel Core I7-7700HQ 16GB, 1TB, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050TI 4GB, 15.6 'Windows 10 Home SL - VX5-591G-78BF) with these settings above, however when I use hitfilm express 2017 on time cut and join the parts of the videos it locks up to load everything. What can I be doing?

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