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Member Jamie seemed to have unlocked the hidden power lurking deep in my nube brain, and so  I'm now wrapping my mind around Hitfilm at a much faster pace.  Thanks to Jamie and all others who patiently endured my growing pains.  Hitfilm is proving to be an enjoyable  adventure.

Once I became the most highly skilled Hitfilm tracker in my entire house by far, I've been turning my attention to the 3D features, which are of course, thoroughly awesome.   I'm really looking forward to mastering that, as it will add entirely new dimensions to my projects.

As you can see, this thread is crammed to the rafters with highly useful technical information which can enhance all your Hitfilm projects!  If you have any questions just let me know.  :-)



  • @PhilTanny

    That's great to hear man! Good to know that everything turned out well.
    If you ever have any questions, don't hasitate to ask them on this forum, that's what it's for.

    -Jamie, Film Empire

  • Hi @Jamie, you da man!    

    I'm sure I'll have more questions, but for now I'm focused on the learn by doing you wisely recommended.   And who knew we could actually read the manual??? 

    I got the jist of basic masking yesterday, that's going to be useful for sure.

    Hope your projects are going well!

  • One nice thing about having so many users making tutorials is different people explain the same task in different ways, and different people respond differently to those different explanations. If the way tutorial "A" doesn't "click" for someone, maybe tutorials "B" or "C" will work better.

    Jamie does good work.

    Glad you're starting to have your "Eureka" moments, Phil.

    Masking is arguably the most important tool in Hitfilm (unarguably in the top 5). SO MANY techniques start with "grab the masking tool," it's good you're getting it down. :) 

  • Thanks Triem, and good points all. 

    In my case, my error was trying to wrap my mind around the whole thing at once, leading to extreme bafflement.   What finally worked for me was forgetting about everything except one specific job I wanted to do.  Luckily I had a specific task I wanted to accomplish, and a good tutor who could teach that specific thing.   Once I had tracking under my belt I could start exploring out from that starting place more independently.

    However, I reserve the right to still ask totally nube questions sometimes, because I didn't get the coveted Most Clueless Newbie Of The Year award by being lazy!


  • @PhilTanny

    "However, I reserve the right to still ask totally nube questions sometimes..."
    I think everybody has the right to ask questions! Almost everyone gets stuck at some point or another, and then it's nice to hear solutions other people have, it's enlightning really...

    Glad everything is going well and good luck with all your masking work!

    -Jamie, Film Empire

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