"Grimm"-ing Out

Short and sweet question: is it possible to recreate the "voging" effect seen on the show "Grimm"?  Also, and I suppose this could be related, how can one create digital makeup effects in any version of HF?  Is this possible as well?  Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Those effects are done with much more complicated 3D rigs than HitFilm can (currently) handle.  You'd have to model, texture, animate, and render an image sequence of the face using a full 3D package (Maya, Blender, etc).  You could then import that sequence into HitFilm to comp on top of the character undergoing the transformation.

  • Thanks, J!  Maybe another question to add to this, and I know this might sound a bit pedestrian, but in regards to Snapchat filters (no, I'm not interested in creating those ) but couldn't the same principle be applied when creating digital makeup?  I promise Im not trying to be thick or stubborn, I'm just wondering if there isn't some sort of workaround.

    Another thought I had, and this is probably unrelated and should be addressed as a separate question in the forum, how can I do a possession?  I know Video Co-Pilot has a crazy amount of tutorials for AE that involve the face and demons and such.  I'm interested in making a spoof for a web series I'm planning soon and I may only need to alter one's face.  

    I suppose with your answer, jsbarrett, I can forget about doing a Christmas episode featuring Krampus, huh.  ;P

  •  @Russelltopia Actually, if you want the 3d model in hitfilm...

    1.rig the model in blender or any other software,

    2.export the model itself without the rig 

    3.  Then go back into the 3d software, animate the rig assuming if you have the model skinned 

    4.  Select the animated object without the rig because the skinned object corresponds with the rig

    5.  Export the animated object as a  alembic or fbx 

    5.  Put the animation data under the animation section in your 3d model 

    This is an optiono nly if you have hitfilm pro 

    Otherwise if not you'll have to render it out to a image sequence  in your 3d software then import the sequence into hitfilm.


  • You can actually do quite a bit of digital makeup with HitFilm and careful tracking. This is an older @SimonKJones video covering the high points.


    @spyderhank combined some 3D work with HitFilm to come up with this.


    And Film Riot made a zombie without makeup using an asset pack called Monster Toolkit


    Ryan was using After Effects and Mocha AE but much of what he does applies to HitFilm. If you don't have HitFilm Pro don't worry too much about not having Mocha. You can still do quite a bit with HitFilm's native tracking 

  • in regards to Snapchat filters (no, I'm not interested in creating those ) but couldn't the same principle be applied when creating digital makeup? 

    If I understand your question, you want to know about doing digital makeup through a realtime filter kind of setup.  Is that right?  I suppose it's possible with the right hardware and software, but HitFilm isn't designed for realtime manipulation.  They don't even do realtime makeup tweaks at the feature film level.  Take a look at the Alice in Wonderland films, and the enlarged eyes on Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter.  One might assume that such a supposedly-simple change could be done in real time, but it was still done in post for the highest quality and greatest level of control.  Even the most finely-tuned real-time effects have their flaws, plus there's the director's vision to account for.  Some shots might have a change applied slightly differently for a specific artistic reason.

    How can you do a possession?  That's a rather broad question, though from the end of your query, it sounds like you're still mainly talking about facial manipulation.  You might be able to use HitFilm to replicate some of the effects you've seen in the Video Co-Pilot tutorials, but HitFilm doesn't have all of the same effects as AE, so some particular processes might be more difficult to adapt.


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    This Freddy Wong /Rocket Jump Film School Tutorial probably won't be exactly what you want and it uses an effect that Hitfilm currently does not have, (puppet warp) but it may give you or any of the gurus an idea.  As a big fan of Grimm it always noticed that when the Wessin Voged they would shake their face a bit and there was a brief  moment  of  out of focusness  when the two faces quickly morphed.


  •  Thanks, y'all, for all of your help!  I still would very much love to make something like this work but for my current project, I may just have to stick with good old fashioned practical effects and quickly learn about latex prosthetics and spirit gum.  

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