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I have created a new account with a new e-mail address and re-downloaded Hitfilm 4 express on the same computer. On this new account I have bought the starter pack. But it seems like how ever I do its still the old license of Hitfilm, without the starter pack, that I have. I have deinstalled and reinstalled the program several times.  Its the same even though I open the mail I have got to the new e-mailadress and download using the link in it. When I open the program it says the license is to the old e-mail address. In the program I can press "buy" to purchases the starter pack but then I end up in a page that says I already have it. But when i click on it it says that the program is not activated. What should I do? Please help!


  • I have used both firefox and explorer and deleted all history with the same result. 

  • Use the "Menu" button top right of this page to go to your Account settings. From there you can manage activations (and retrieve your serial number). You might want to go ahead and deactivate all Hitfilm Express versions. There's a hardware ID component to an activation that may confuse your system. 

    Now... You might have messed up somewhere. If you downloaded Hitfilm 4 Express after May 2017 you got a registration code for Hitfilm Express 2017, not Express 4 (new serials for Express 4 are no longer being issued with the relase of Express 2017). This would likely mean your new account and Starter Pack got attached to the second account, which is for Hitfilm Express 2017.

    You might consider contacting Support directly, giving them both accounts and requesting the Starter license be transferred to the original account with Hitfilm 4 Express. If they can do this the Starter will also carry forward to a Hitfilm Express 2017 installation ON THAT ACCOUNT.

    So, in this case, you'd basically be letting the second account die. If you feel you MUST use Express 4, this is your best option as you will/can not be issued a new license for Hitfilm 4 on your second account.

    Hope this helps. 

  • As for migrating a license from one PC to another you are probably best off contacting support directly. They are in England so consider the time difference.

    A few points. You cannot get new licenses to Hitfilm 4, so creating a new account is not going to help. For migrating to a new PC I would assume you would just deactivate Hitfilm 4 Express on your old PC and then  active it on the new PC. No new account. A new download of Express 2017, in the same account as Hitfilm Express 4 , will remember your previous expansion pack purchases and apply them to Hitfilm Express 2017. That new activation of 2017 should work on your new PC. Express only allows one activation for one PC.

  •  Thank you Triem 23 so much - it worked! I just deactivated previous versions on my old account. So when I downloaded the program again the box popped up where I could click unlock and log on with my new account.

    As you said what I had was Hitfilm 2017 both before and after I made the new account. I had not reflected over the name change. 

    Norman PCN my problems was related to me wanting to change account connected to the program on the same computer. Not moving license to another computer.

  • Glad it worked! 

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