Throwing Things Through Glass


Hey guys,

So, here's what I want to do. Basically, I want to shoot some footage where I carelessly throw something behind me and it shatters a window.

Instead of having to buy a window and figure out how the hell to set it up without  having to build a whole stage, I figured I could shoot in greenscreen and use the Shatter effect. BUT if I do that, how do I solve the problem o the thrown bouncing off the greenscreen? It wouldn't look realistic if the object doesn't arc all the way out he window.


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    Move the green screen further away? ;)

    OK, say it's a brick. Once it hits the green screen, cut there and don't use the bounce and drop section. But, do take a duplicate frame from before that point and manually move it - masking it out to isolate it if required - continue what you think is the correct arc. No one's going to notice the switch from 'really' thrown to 'pretend' thrown, especially if you add some motion blur.

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    @Palacono that's exactly what I wanted to type but you were first... Just freeze a frame and keyframe the object to move and add motion blur. I think that'd make a nice tutorial for my channel... We'll see.

  • Thanks guys. i didn't think of that.

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