Calvaria - Metalia (3D Lyric Video)

Hi guys, I did this lyric video with hilfilm 4, for my metal band called Calvaria.

I hope you like it, I made it with virtually 0 money, please share


  • Nice work! Metal isn't my kind of music, but I think you made a really nice lyric video that has a lot of the same energy and intensity as the song.  Lyric videos can often be boring, but yours clearly isn't!  Even the aberrations on the sides of the extruded text feel apropos.  Were those intentional or just a happy accident?

  • @jsbarret Extruded text does that because of the  roughness of the render engine. :(

  • Thank you a lot, Happy accident... kind off, some of the words have less depth because the aberrations where very intrusive and distractive.

    Here is another video I did last year, it´s a Star Wars metal medley, with a lot of 3D, Chroma Key, and footage from a real desert, to simulate tatooine, hope you like it :D

    Thanks Again :)


  • Awesome! :D I think I've seen that before. Can't remember if it was here or somewhere else, but it's really nice. Great shooting, editing, and compositing.  Super work!

  • thanks a lot, It´s really nice to read the opinions of not metalhead people :D

    Greetings from Mexico!! lml

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