Two viewer panels

Is there a way to make two viewer panels? So I can have 1 monitor dedicated to a viewer and a small viewer on the second monitor?


  • If you have Express, Right Click on the top bar of the Viewer and select 'Float Container'. Then move it to the second monitor and make it full screen y the icon on the top right corner.

    To keep this layout, select the 'Workspace' icon - the little 3x3 grid - then Create and then name your new Layout.

  • But I want a viewer on both monitors


  • Ok, that's a Pro feature.

  • @JacobSct and @Palacono

    That indeed is a pro feature... I asked Axel if it was possible as I'd like one monitor with the end result and one just with the editor.... Good thing I have pro.

  • Are we talking about the Full Screen Preview option in the Option menu?

    If so mine is greyed out and I'm using HFP 2017.

    If not ignore my comment. :p

  • @ScottReid ;

    Full Screen Preview is only available if you have two or more monitors.

  • edited September 2017

    @Danny77uk I have 3 monitors.

    So am I doing something wrong?

    I just recently just found out I can float windows so I moved the timeline viewer panel to the 2nd monitor.

  • @ScottReid just under the "Full Screen Preview" menu entry, there should be a "Set Screen" menu that lets you pick on which screen you want the full screen preview to appear. The screen you have the viewer on should be disabled but you should be able to pick any of your other two screens.

  • Ah good to know.


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