[RESOLVED, I Think] Problem with comp using Boris

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I made a comp quite a while ago and opened it up this morning to make some modification. When I render the timeline (or the comp for that matter) the comp using the Boris plugin is just a white screen! ( doesn't matter what app I view it in). It looks fine while played in the editor or in the comp (see the attached video). Any thoughts??? 



  • Well, It looks like I fixed it. Loaded the comp and entered the Boris UI. Saved the project in Boris. Exited. Re-entered the Boris UI and loaded up the saved Boris project. Applied the changes and it now renders fine. Weird....

  • Boris has been twitchy/problematic since the release of 2017. This may not be related to your issue, but Boris Title studio does still have a bug in Hitfilm with some information not saving/restoring across Hitfilm project saves. One item is the framerate Boris thought was supposed to be used. This affects clip length and any keyframe timing.

    I once got a single white frame flash in Title studio on a specific studio track/layer. In the process of keyframing somehow that white flash got in there. Even resetting properties and deleting all keyframes on the track did not clear it up. Removing the track and re-creating the track got things fine and I never saw it again. Twitchy.

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    That music and intro is AWESOME:)

    Is that music (c)?

  • @Yeremyah, glad you like it. The music is copyrighted 

  • @CowboyBob I don't have PRO + Boris to create that :(  Really looks nice.

    Do you mind sending me the link for the website who sells that music track, I want to buy it :)

  • I think it is from Audioblocks.com. 

  • @CowboyBob What's the track called so I can seatch audioblocks for it?

    Thank you.

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