The Lucky One - 24 Hour Short Film Entry

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Hey guys,
FC here again wanting to share another short film we made titled, THE LUCKY ONE. This one was for a 24 hour film festival competition we learned about at the last minute. It was a hectic day and night but we got it in on time with 20 minutes to spare!
This film is exactly 5mins (Contest rules) and we I hope you enjoy it.
Also, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED for really just a few shots.

5 Minutes


We are now starting production on my first feature film, LIGHT OF EDEN.

Also our main channel -


  • Well done! I really liked how I could care so much about our poor protagonist within such a small run time. In addition, the tension was gripping and the ending had me surprised. Great work! I have a thread called 'Short Films' and I am trying to get inspirational film makers like you to help guys like me construct short films that have meaning. Did you use Hitfilm for editing?
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    (Link is fixed, sorry about that!)

    Thanks for watching. Unfortunately I didn't use one of the program.
    Let me know if you'd like more videos for that thread!
  • You're welcome :) Well in that thread I just stated my outlook on short films like maintaining key elements like key scenes and characters. I even have a plot summary of a short film I will make for my HSC and I was hoping experts like you could give a tip or two :)
  • Oh okay! Thanks for letting me know. I'll try to find it. Or do you have a link?
  • Thanks for willing to contribute to my humble little thread :)
  • You got it man! Will check it out once I get back into town.
  • Nice work F.C.!
    Really liked the build-up there, the torment of the main character is great. Impressive that you were able to pull that off in 24 hours.

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