Camera Suggestions-Buying First One

Looking to buy my first video camera, and I'm lost. So many options.
Budget of around $300. Will consider used.
Mainly used for making home vids and music vids to go along with my original music. Would like full HD. Camera audio quality not a factor. Must be standard tri-pod mountable.
You guys want to talk mixers, mics, guitars, amps, effects? I'm your guy.
Video cameras? Dont know squat!



  • There's actually a good selection for even that budget these days. I did however see this today. It might be junk but hey, it's worth a look when the price tag is $299.
  • At that price point, I'd look around for a used Canon HV20 or HV30. Its a good solid camera that gives you a decent amount of control and produces quality footage. And since there are newer models available, the used HV20's and 30's should be pretty affordable.
  • Thanks.

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