flying cats using masks

here is what i managed to do using a bunch of masks, and a coupke of hours of hard work (trying to make the cat get in the carboard box lol)!
hope you like it, please comment and write about what you think about it! thanks! :))


  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
    edited October 2011
    Ha, loved it! (I am a sucker for any video containing a cat on YouTube though).
    EDIT: Reminds me of this:
  • Haha, very funny indeed! :)
  • That was brilliant Froi! I loved how nonchalantly the cat was just sat in the box. It was a bit dark around the top of the screen though and i didn't distinguish the cat the first time round. Other than that though it was very funny. Are you planning on making anymore? Epic cat could be a great web series!
  • hahahaha - another top job there Froi! :D :D
    Made my day...
  • Thanks everyone,
    @daniel g wood, yeah, that's where I got the idea from, I would have liked to have done with my baby cousin, but he would have broken the box, (but the cat did in the end when it jumped out!) haha
    @mercianfilm , yeah, my camera is really bad, so i couldn't do the effect too well, so I had to do a dodgy grade over it to b,end all the colours from the different layers and picture I used lol
    I am gunna get a new camera soon, (Christmas) and when I do I will make much more! But for now I am sticking with Lego so the quality stays average (I take lictures so it's a better pic)
    Thanks everyone!
  • Does anyone else know of any videos like ,ine and the Jedi kitten one?

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