A "Golden Age" for British Cinema?

Nice article on The Guardian talking whispering about a possible Golden Age for British Cinema right now. Makes a convincing argument - some excellent British films and British talent recently.
Great news for aspiring filmmakers over here, though with the decline in funding and slashing of arts budgets in the current climate, perhaps we've killed it off already.
What do you think?


  • British Talent almost certainly, but British Cinema? I'm not so sure. Almost all of those films bar the very smallest productions source their funding from overseas, weather it be France, Sweden or Hollywood.
    So many fine British made films fail to find a distributor(because they don't see a market) and languish in direct to DVD hell. Something I hope will change with the advent of new Media and innovative ways to get films to audiences. I would like to see cinemas be forced to play a certain level of British made films, a system I think a lot of European countries employ.
    Be interesting to know how British film is perceived overseas?
  • There are some very good film companies that film, edit and do everything themselves at the moment, it's good because it lets them be able to save more money, by not employing editors for the films!
    I know a couple companies that do that. One is based in oxford

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