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Hello, Here is a prop i've been making over the last couple of weeks, a bit on and off really. Would really appreciate your feedback on it because personally i'm really happy with how it turned out.

I made this prop for Simon jones/tarn and It's a trap for their new arms race webseries, if you can remember back on the fxhome forums i was a massive fan of their original short and so i asked them if i could make something for them. The design is all my own and it's meant to be a naval gun, though it could just be used as a pistol. I'll hopefully send it off to them in a couple of weeks when they need it and hopefully it'll be good enough to be in their series- either way i'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next year:
Like i said- i would love to know what anyone thinks, and also if you have any suggestions for future props- i'll give anything a go that seems unique or interesting- i'd never heard of steampunk before Arms race and after being introduced to it i'm thoroughly enjoying it!

I've been thinking of perhaps doing a lightsabre prop tutorial using the same methods as this prop- milliput and styrofoam. Would anyone be interested in that?
All the best!


  • No idea what Milliput is, so I had to look it up, but the gun looks great. Nice job on the painting. I am curious as to whether the piston will actually rotate? Obviously the coal boiler doesn't rotate it, but can it be turned by hand, or is it fixed?

  • No idea what Milliput is, so I had to look it up,

    oops sorry- for anyone else who's wondering it goes by a few names, milliput,green stuff, two part epoxy, epoxy putty, it's got a texture like clay but dries rock hard and isn't brittle lick clay when dry. It's a really amazing product and i use it for a lot of stuff!
    Thanks for the kind words Axel, the painting took forever- i had to loads of light coats of brass acrylic paints but i'm happy with how it turned out.
    On the subject of the pistons; you wouldn;t believe how frustrating that part was- i spent 3 days trying different techniques, piston sizes, motors- everything but just couldn't get it to work. I really wished that i could figure out how to make them move and was gutted when they had to remain static but i am still happy with the result. Hopefully it gives the impression that it could actually work- what with the boiler and the chimney- so it adds a bit of realism.
    Thanks again for the reply Axel.
  • Yeah, most of the time when i build things of that sort I'm using plastic or metal, instead of foam and putty, so I'm not really in the know as far as different brands of epoxy putty. The stuff I've used a bit is Apoxie Sculpt, but is pretty much the same thing. I'm wondering if you might be able to find something already piston-like, such as a giant toy syringe, or maybe a toy excavator in a second hand shop, with some fake hydraulics, which you could then cut up and/or add to as needed to create a functioning piston.
    I'm pretty sure on screen though, that it will look pretty sweet as is. The aged metal finishes are quite convincing. By the way, the world's greatest steampunk bank, Abney Park, is headed over to the UK for a mini-tour later this month, so you might see if you can catch one of their three stops. Not sure where you are located, but maybe they are coming your way. I highly recommend the show, if you can possibly make it.
  • Great work, I love the attention to Detail and the way you though through the whole operation of it.
    Ive had a bit of experience with miliput when I converted some Primeval figures to Doctor Who figures for my son. It was fun but kind of fidley getting to the right consistency for the various different bits, so I really appreciate what you did there.
  • Thanks for the replies! Axel- that's a great idea with the syringes- i've got a couple of oversized ones that were used for testing perfume or cosmetics or something (Got them from my brothers friend) they would have been perfect- the main problem i had was trying to balance the weight- if the piston was too light it'd spin round like a desk fan, if it was too heavy it wouldn't move at all. Shame really- but i'm still happy with it :D If the guys behind Arm's race still want it it'd look cool in the background!
    Just looked on the abney park website- they look pretty cool- i remember you mentioning them in your music video thread you did on here- the one where you played the drums in it. Shame it's such a small tour really- from where i live they're all about the same distance away- about 100 miles! :D I was near Whitby the other week though- would definately have gone to see them if it was then. Thanks for the link though!
    Thelurkerish-Thanks for the kind comment! Getting the consistency right is one of the most annoying things about milliput- it does take a lot of time and a lot of kneading ! Do you have any pictures of your doctor who figures? I'd love to see how you did them.
    All the best
  • there not the best converisons but i had never done anything like that before. My son (when he was 7) does reviews of them all here is The Jo Grant figure, You can also see the Mike Yates, Benton and Brigadeer figures in the background on seperate reviews.

    There all looking a bit more batterd and well played with now as most saturday and sunday mornings are spent creating new adventures for the Unit team
  • Ayup Thelurkerish! I really like the conversions and the paint jobs you did on those figures- The hair and the hats on the background models are particularly good. The painting is very smooth and even also- i didn't realise until your son said that the jo grant figures clothes had been repainted! Well done on those. Did you custom make the Pertwee figure as well?
    Anyway thanks for sharing those, i found them very interesting :D
  • Nice work mercian! Love looking at Steampunk stuff.
    You've probably already seen some of the prop videos Simon's It's A Trap team have posted, if not I'd recommend them. Props include a gatling gun, SMG, harpoon gun and tesla gun. All on the channel here.

  • Nice work mercian! Love looking at Steampunk stuff.
    You've probably already seen some of the prop videos Simon's It's A Trap team have posted, if not I'd recommend them. Props include a gatling gun, SMG, harpoon gun and tesla gun. All on the channel here.

    Thanks Daniel! Yes i have seen them, the gatling gun in Arm's race is what inspired me first to make this prop- such a brilliant concept and design. My favourite of the new videos is the harpoon gun- if anyone hasn't seen it yet it looks incredible!

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