First Ever Vid
First time, first ever video. Not very technically brilliant like some of you guys.
Original music recorded, mixed, and mastered in my humble home studio.
Making the leap from audio to video has been daunting. Working with/learn to use HitFilm made it possible to do some of the things I wanted to for this project.
Lots still to learn.


  • I enjoyed that! Freaky video (especially the clown-y type bits), goes well with the music. Technically not perfect, but hey, very good vibe.
  • For a first attempt that was very technically sound. Obviously there is room for improvement, but you demonstrate a much better grasp of the basic underlying concepts of filmmaking than many first videos I've seen. As you continue messing with the software and getting more practice, I'm sure the results will get even better, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. How much of that footage was original stuff you shot, and how much was from other sources?
  • Thank you both for the feedback. Very encouraging. I know this was something one of the wizards here could have done in an hour or 2. Has been a hugh leap to go from just the audio aspect to trying to include video.
    All of the footage was public domain. Some was free, some was DL'ed for a small fee.
    Again, thank you!!!

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