Gun, Blood, and Smoke Composite Example

Hey everyone, we made a really quick short to have fun with some effects. Here, we tried creating a bloody gun shot composite. Was it convincing? Did it need work? Please provide feedback!
Nerf Roulette


  • Lol, funny and cool. I like it. :)For the blood that was on the body at the very end, was that actual makeup or a blood splat overlay?
  • I think more blood should come out of the back of his head, chunks and smoke, also I would advice motion tracking a bullet hit on his neck to make it look better :P
  • Nice, but why did they end up practically naked by the end? @-)
  • nice, but the blood seemed to come out of no-where. the smoke wasnt to visible, but apart from that it was great!
  • prfctdark, the blood at the end was composited in. It was done using still frames from two blood splatter effects FXhome gave I believe last Christmas. Andrewdobell, the end was a completely out of left field ending. There's no explanation for it, haha
  • Haha. Dude I can't stop laughing. His facial expression before he shot himself.

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