charlie "bites" ep. 1

here is charlie bites
youtube description-
"Charlie bites is a smaller version of "charlie and friends" and are produced in the week instead of weekends.


  • (like usual, any ideas for future episodes, u will be promoted in the videos if i use ur idea! ) ;)
  • I've never seen the show that I think your referencing with the shapes in the walls (just saw ads for them) but I still got a smile out of this. I really do enjoy longer pieces, but I like the vibe of these short ones too- kind of reminds me of some the better stuff the 5 second films folks do.
  • Thanks, I just had some spair time in the week, but this weekend I don't have any ideas on what to make one on! Any help please ;)
  • (if any one keeps track of when I release videos you'll notice that I haven't put one up this week, I am doing a small project- Lego rock band/ guitar hero, I am buying props and recording music from scratch for this one! Any musical themes u recommend me to use in the video? Like rock etc) :D
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    Wow this was fun!
    In the future I would be interested in working with you on original sound tracks, music and foley. Although I have never done foley before. I have the ability to produce audio in a ton of different formats, up to 192KHz at 32 bits.
  • Do you have a YouTube channel that shows off your work duff man?
  • Some of my original music:
    Bad part is these are all ickey MP3s.
    WAV or FLACK is much better but have
    not found a sight where I can post high quality mixes for free.
  • Do you have it on YouTube, because I can't get it on my "mobile device" by clicking on the link :(

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