I am creating a slightly scary (Lego zombie) series of films, and I don't have any music for it, any one got any good ideas?


  • Hahaha - I am having difficulty relating the terms "slightly scary" and "lego zombie" together! :))

    You could always try and do a CreativeCommons search - bound to be something there that'll be licensed for use...
    Look forward to the next lego production.
  • Basically a cheesy Haloween style piece of music
  • When you will upload it to youtube you can use the soundpacks from MichaelDonnerMusic.
    He writes as follows:
    I M P O R T A N T :
    The usage of the Michael Donner Soundpacks on youtube is FREE!
    You need no license, and you need not to pay for the music, as long as you use it ONLY ON YOUTUBE and you give me a clear credit in the video-description.
    This is the only simple rule. I'm not going to answer questions about any free usage beyond youtube.
    Please download my music direct from my homepage as MP3 folders. Then, you can use the music on youtube for free. Consider, that I can not give you any support if you use the music for free, especially no written permissions or anything. If you need some official, license or anything like that, you need to purchase my original soundpacks. This is an important point. Please consider that BEFORE you use my music and BEFORE you upload your video.

    Have fun!
    Michael Donner
    his website is:
  • on the original fxhome website in the downloads there is some excellent music in the sound effects done by James Tubbritt
  • Thanks guys!
  • You could always find someone to play piano and ask them to play some chords with a organ and piano, piano and strings, and etc!! That is what I would do if i were making a video!
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    vimeo now has a music store...
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    Hahaha - I am having difficulty relating the terms "slightly scary" and "lego zombie" together! :))

    LOLOLOL- me too! :P
  • Otherwise you can take a "normal" music or even a Happy one !this creates a feeling of lag
    as in the zombies series " The Walking dead " which is excellent by the way

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