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"You Can't Polish A Malcom" Is a short comedy film that I am producing (As well as Cinematography,sound and editing). It see's Malcolm, a 20 year old Toilet salesman , on his quest to loose his virginity, begrudgingly accepting help from his "man-whore" Friend Jonathan. The film is Currently in Production and will be released around January - February time.
Il be posting various behind the scenes stuff over the coming weeks, keeping everyone up to date on the production.
So let me know what you think guys.
We will be in production next week, shooting some beach scenes. Where trying to do the easier shots first, as a warm up to the more difficult sequences. We will be releasing a behind the scenes video shortly.
Today we shot the opening scene for YCPAM, here's some Quick frame grabs from today's shoot. We will also be releasing a behind the scenes video with in the next two weeks.


  • Sounds potentially fun, in a Judd Apatow kind of way. A couple of things not related to the film but which you might want to fix: Malcom is spelt 'Maclom' on the post, and the poster is missing an apostrophe with "can't". Also, I think Malcolm is usually spelt with two ls.
    Look forward to the trailer!
  • Thats the Problem with doing production diary's at 1 am :D
  • I dunno - I was kind of hoping that "My ****ing Piano" would be into production first! :))
  • Haha, no unfortunately I encountered some problems and thats been post poned. How do you know about that ? I dont remember writing about it on here ;D
  • You did a little while ago.
  • Yeah, we were looking forward to that one too. ;)
  • Fixed the wallpaper ;) , We just had some Pre Production meetings today, where hoping to be shooting within 3 to 4 weeks. The behind the scenes stills and videos will go up from then .
  • We will be shooting in two to three weeks now, just finishing up our location recce's and production stuff. Behind the scenes stuff will be up very soon.
  • Where doing some script read through's and interviews Monday, so expect some of that stuff to be up sometime next week .
  • We will be releasing a Behind the Scenes video very shortly, stay tuned .
  • Glad to see things are moving pretty fast! I like the studio space you used for the read through- is it at your uni? Definately looking forward to some beach shots and behind the scenes :D
  • Yeah, we have a great studio. I believe its one of the only studio spaces in Wales, its one of the best at least. We will be using the studio for a night club scene.
  • We had a bit of delay, but where back on track. We have started shooting , some pictures will be going up Monday. We will be releasing a behind the scenes video very soon.
  • Behind the scenes video will be up with in two weeks.
  • Another day of shooting wrapped :D
  • Just looking over the edit for the behind the scenes video, going to be uploaded tonight.
  • Looking forward to it!
  • Just uploaded video. This will be the first one of our BTS videos
  • Three scenes left !

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