Urban Pad City Builder Special $29 offer

Check this out. I found this special that if so many people purchase Urban Pad City creator within a 2 week period (deadline Oct 3) you will get it for $29 dollars. This is a $700 dollar program. It looks like if they do not meet their quota your card will be refunded the $29.
This seems like a Awesome deal. I haven't tried the trial yet but just wanted to get the word out if anyone else is interested.


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    I'm curious... I have CityEngine from Procedural (http://www.procedural.com) for building cities, but even with all the tutorials and demos, it's a bear to try and use. All their video tutorials are sadly out of date, and while they claim to have good documentation, it's very segregated.
    How easy to use is this Urban Pad? Perhaps for $29 I should just go ahead and get it, it's doubtful $29 will break the bank. have you used it yourself? How is it?
    Awww shucks, for $29 I went ahead and ordered. Sure hope they meet their quota...

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