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I just started this new website that is getting popular pretty fast! It's a website that pins 2 similar movies together and have people vote on them! I got a 'Suggestion' page, so if you have any ideas for a juicy poll, feel free to add it on there!
Check it out and let me know what you think!


  • Okay. I voted for a couple (haven't seen many of the movies you had listed) and added a couple of suggestions. Nice site.
  • Cool site RodyPolis! Voted on all the ones i'd seen- some quite surprising and pleasing results, particulry District 9 vs Avatar and Matrix vs Inception. Also added a suggestion for you.
    All the best,
  • Come on Rody, we need some horror movies
  • Ha I rarely watch Horror so I'll need some suggestions. Thanks everyone for checking it out and voting! Be sure to share the site if you want to.
  • Paranormal activity's pretty good. As is "The Ring".
  • I'm kind of surprise there aren't many blow outs. Most of the results are pretty close. I've placed my votes (on the ones I've seen) and will return to that site tomorrow to see what else I can vote/comment on! :)
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    I've placed my votes (on the ones I've seen) and will return to that site tomorrow to see what else I can vote/comment on! :)

    That's the spirit Matthias!
    EDIT: Now have LOTR vs Star Wars!
  • On your suggestion page someone recommended you have a forum on there and I think that could be cool. I don't know if you would be interested in doing something like that, but it could be fun.
  • Ya I'll do a forum. My first plan was to do a forum before I realized I could just make a blog. Once I get everything figured out I'll post the forums!
  • Love the site, RP! I too was surprised by some of the results. I'll post some ideas once I have the chance!
  • Thanks! Now that the website seem to be doing pretty decent with viewers, I think maybe I should try and do more with it than just have people vote on stuff. Some people suggested building a forum, which I might do. If anyone have any cool ideas, let me know!
  • Yeah a forum would be a good idea, so people can actually discuss their votes. As is, the novelty wears off extremely fast.
  • Ok the Forums is up! Everyone go now and make an account! GO GO GO Lol
  • I now have a TV show and Actors section. Check it out!
  • Like the site Rody, I voted on a bunch.
    Personally I'd have gone for comments inline with each vote rather than a forum though - its harder to associate discussion about the vote with the vote if its not on the same page. Forums are also subject to the usual problems - spammers, trolls and inactive boards. See how it goes though :)
    It's probably been said, but this could make a good app..
  • Ya I wish people would actually use Comment boxes under the polls. I might have to generate some fake comments to get things moving Lol
  • With some design tweaks you could probably encourage more commenting - make it so that the comment box is already available underneath each vote, perhaps, or that once you've voted it has more evident CTAs for commenting as well. It's all a bit hidden currently.
    And as Dan said - this would work brilliantly as an iPhone/Android app.
  • Yeah it was only after posting earlier that I noticed you had comments enabled - it's just too subtle. Either a honking great link, or comment box on the page as Simon says.

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