The People vs George Lucas
This looks really cool. Of course there have been tons of reviews, rants, complaints, and defenses of Lucas/the prequels. However, a full documentary discussing both sides of the issue really looks intriguing to me. I'm not a huge fan of the original series, so I'm not particularly horrified by the new ones, but I think they're really interesting to study as examples of a classic (hate that word) series totally gone wrong. Anyway, yeah.


  • Hehe nice one! Thanks for the link.
    I've seen some changes that were made on the blueray version that just came out. And some of the changes I did not like at all, so yes I can understand the critics.
  • Looks interesting! Regarding the special editions there's a really interesting debate to be had about film's cultural importance, whether works of art should be modified after their initial release, does it matter whether it's the original author making changes or a third party, etc...
    I think the main issue of contention tends to come down to Lucas' refusal to make the original versions available. If they were easily available in a nice, hi-def, cleaned up version then I suspect people would have absolutely no objections to his tinkering. The special editions would be interesting experiments. It's only when you try to take something away that people object.
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    You are so right, Simon. I have a 30th anniversary special edition 6 DVD set with the original trilogy as it appeared when they first came out AND the updates he made for the anniversary. I don't mind the few changes he made but I'm more or less a traditionalist in the sense that if I like something the first time I see/hear it that's the way I would like to see/hear it again (this would include music- especially classical).
    However, I wish Lucas would realise that too much tinkering could destroy the integrity of what he's already accomplished which was pert near perfect to begin with if you ask me.
    I recently saw a vid on youtube in which a fan took the moments where Darth Vader is watching the Emperor zap Luke and edited in memories using scenes from the (now) first trilogy i.e. thinking of himself as Anakin as a boy, then meeting Padmeh, how the Emperor tricked him etc. While the editing was really well done and creative, the flashbacks distracted from the intensity of the scene which originally left you on the edge of your seat wondering if 'daddy' was going to intervene or not. You could see the conflict without seeing it- if you know what I mean. The flashbacks, I think, take away any doubt which direction Vader is leaning before he makes his move. I sure hope Lucas doesn't catch wind of this. He'd probably do it because it ties the old and new together better or some lame reason.
  • That's quite nicely done - but as you say, it misses what makes the scene so effective in the first place: the quiet, understated decision that Vader makes. It's an amazing scene - here we have a character entirely hidden behind a mask, yet through the context of the story and careful editing and music we feel his seismic shift as he rethinks his entire life.
    The above re-edit is interesting but far less effective because it spells it out - just as with Lucas' new "NOOooooooo".
  • This looks really interesting, although I've never been a huge star wars fan I am strongly against GL's tinkering with them. I think films should be left alone after they are made, primarily because I am of the opinion that once it's done it's done and should stand as that, imperfections and all.
    Also, I think that when you are making a film you are passionate about the idea to the extent that it's overwhelming, you are so focused on it. But, once it's done, you can't recapture how you felt about it when you were making it, it seems almost like it was made by someone else because you have moved on and are now passionate about the next one, the last one exists but elicits no passion or excitement any more. So I think that any tinkering after the fact is not informed by the same factors as the making of the film, and therefore is not in line with the original vision because you can't go back, only forward.
    In the case of Star Wars the changes only serve to dilute the originals and make fans who grew up with the films feel alienated. it comes down to this: If you are going to make something and then change it later, why not just make it again? Where do you draw the line between work in progress and done?
    Also, Lucas has definitely lost whatever he had, maybe it's having too much control over everything, maybe it's that no one ever tells him no, or maybe it's just that times have changed and so much of what makes the originals so watchable has been replaced with up to date, charmless technology which Lucas seems to see as a replacement for story, character, and fun.
  • What did lucas do to the blu-ray dvds?
  • I stopped giving money to Lucas YEARS ago.
  • The new edit sucks rocks in so many different directions. Lucas obviously had to justify the new releases by making changes. Of course after Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull one couldn't expect any less.
  • Don't we have to lay the problems of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull at the feet of Steven Spielberg?
    As for Star Wars, I've been enjoying the Star Wars : Revisited edit by Adywan. Huge undertaking, and feels like a good compromise between some of the updates GL did, and the original tone of the movie.
    Anyway, I'll have to check this out, it'll be interesting to see both sides a bit more.
  • I also got at least 4 Versions of the Original Trilogy of Star Wars... at least two on VHS! (thats some sort of Video of the Stone Age, dont metion, if you are under 30), and in my Opinion from the Visual Feeling it was getting better and better. Too bad, you cant enhance the poor Lightsaber Fight of Obi Wan, cause if you watch the whole series in the "right" Order now, Obi Wan cant fight anymore, when he is old. ;-) There're not only Decades between the Fight... there are LIGHTYEARS... not to mention, that he heard ONE TIME to the Fans and "wrote out" Jar Jar Binks, my and others personal favorite Character... i know People, seeing the FIRST Trilogy AFTER the NEW Trilogy... and wondering, why Jar Jar had to go after seeing the MUPPET-MOVIE Part III (NEW prt SIX)... with that in Mind the eliminating of JAR JAR is just not excusable...

    BUT NONTHELESS: we don't have to forget, that without George we wouldnt have Hollywood in our Living Rooms now! HE is one of the rare Filmmakers, which forced the Technic, being reachable for EVERYONE! HE invented digital Cams, while he used them...
    And thats a MERIT, we all here, especially making Movies with the Help of Hitfilm and Cameras, we didnt dreamt of 10 Years ago, HAVE TO APPRECIATE...
    And therefore i hope, he will someday shoot the missing three Films AFTER the first three Films, what got the Advantage, that we dont have to introduce a new Way to Count. ;-)
    BTW: i like writing with People, who do really UNDERSTAND, what I mean at this Moment! ;-)
    Just my five Starbucks... argh... Cents,
    Chris :-)
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    Ok Star Wars is for me THE film that got me interested in film making. I was 4 years old when the film came out. About the time the film was released there was a special on PBS as to how the film was made. I ate it up. From that point on when ever there was something on about movie magic or how movies were made I was absolutely glued to the screen. It was like the magicians were giving you step by step instructions as to how the trick was done. For that I probably owe George the biggest debt of gratitude ever. With out him and Star Wars, I would not be doing what I do today.
    As for the endless tinkering of the films. Some of it I like, most of it I hate. Basically George has taken film to where music is. I have songs I like that I have half a dozen remixes of. For a long time now, recording artists have had the luxury where if they could afford the studio time they could remix their songs till their hearts content. In a way George is doing the same with film. Would I do this? I doubt it. I kinda have the feeling, once its released its released, live with it warts and all.
    My biggest grievance with the constant tinkering, LET ME BUY THE VERSION I LIKE. George has this habit of once he has the latest tinkered version, that is the only version available. This to me is the big problem. If there were 12 versions of each movie and they were clearly labeled as to how much they have been tinkered, then I don't think too many people would complain. You could go and buy the version that you like. In truth I think it would make George more money. Us purest would buy the non-remixed versions, others would buy the highly tinkered versions and the super fan boys would buy EVERY version.
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    My biggest grievance with the constant tinkering, LET ME BUY THE VERSION I LIKE. George has this habit of once he has the latest tinkered version, that is the only version available. This to me is the big problem. If there were 12 versions of each movie and they were clearly labeled as to how much they have been tinkered, then I don't think too many people would complain. You could go and buy the version that you like.

    THAT's absolutely right!
    Just as a Hint, why George always "re-news" his Movies: when he first made them, he took everything in it, what was technically possible... but he had another Pictures in Mind, which Realisation wasn't possible that time... so he first works on the Movies, to come closer to his Imaginations...
    THEN, he tries to get a unique Look on the whole Saga! Thats commendabel... as long, as the Audience can also choose the older Version, they love...
    But for George surely is the newest Version the ONLY Version... till he again can get closer to his Imaginations... with this in Mind you perhaps understand him better... HE has just to understand, that some People LOVE the OLD Pictures...
    Chris :-)

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