Cant Export in any way

I cannot export my project to youtube because it says an error occured while getting account details and will not let me add a youtube account. Moreover, I am not able to activate as the activation screen is completely black and I have no clue where to enter the Information or activation code. Please help in giving any way for me to export my project.


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    Export it as .mp4 (H.264), and save it to your PC, then log into your youtube account using a web browser, then upload your saved .mp4 video to your youtube account.

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    I can not export to mp4 as I need to activate it and the activation screen is black. I have reinstalled and it is the same. I am still in demo

  • Sorry I don't understand what you need to activate.  Did you install the freeware Express version?

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    yes sorry for not clarifying earlier

  • Hi Aman,

    In the past, the black activation screen issue has been found on laptops with multiple graphics cards. Ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date, then if you do have more than one card (such as a built-in Intel HD 4000 and an additional AMD card), disable one whilst you try to activate.

    If that doesn't work, or you need further assistance, please send us a Support ticket at or via the website - we'll need to ask you for detailed hardware info.

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    thanks I will try it. I have an intel hd 4000 and amd 8670m

  • AmanChandra - Was this issue resolved?

  • Has HitFilm changed their policy on exportation? Before, I was able to export my full videos to youtube, and now it says it can only export 30 seconds in demo mode. Is there a way to get out of demo mode, and if so, will it delete the work in my timeline?

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    @daltonryan did you just upgrade from 3 Express to 4 Express? It's different software so you will need to re-register. 

    This FAQ goes over registerin.

    Activation won't affect your project.

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