Check out my latest video, tell me what you think!
i did it in around 5 hours!


  • Combo ! XD
    great video ! :))
  • Haha nice! :D
    I didn't think I'd give this advice to another Brickfilmer, but maybe try to speed up his movements a bit, so take less pictures. Also, try to use easing in and out to make his movements more natural - Very good tutorial on this here:
  • Yeah thanks, that was useful!! And I could of don it a bit better but I filmed it late at night when I got home from school :dry: lol
  • I did one, and they definatley flow better!!! Thanks for the advice, but I am not uploading it coz it was just a test :P
  • I think thats your best video yet

  • I think thats your best video yet

    Thanks mate! I am gunna work on a proper film (when I have time) so I can enter it into a film festival... Any one know one in the uk, in the south.... I would do Oxford film festival but you have to do all film plus editing in 3 hours... Lol :))
  • Hehe - great idea ! By the way - also a great tutorial video as well ! Like it B-)

  • Hehe - great idea ! By the way - also a great tutorial video as well ! Like it B-)

    Yes, indeed, very good tutorial! Helps a lot, is there one to show how to make a Lego man turn around realistically? (like turning to look around a wall, like in spy films, where they have their backs up against the wall, then turn to see past the wall, and hurry back into the position they were in, comprenday? Lol) I make things sound harder to understand than they should be :dry:
  • I don't know a specific tutorial about that topic, I guess trial and error is the best way to learn here. That's what I almost always do, lol...
  • Yeah, that's what I do quite a lot too, and defo the best way to learn, unless it is something really important, like something's you don't wanna mess up on! ;)

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