Hitfilms Lightsaber effect

I feel like a really nice thing to add to the lightsaber effect would be a roundness control. So you could have the bottom side at the hilt flat like in the films. Another thing that would be great is the option of more points so you can create that sharper tip seen in the force awakens lightsabers. Just some ideas.


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    Have you tried the 4 point manual lightsword? The bottom/hilt end isn't flat because the sword/blade/light is round but you can mask the hilt end if you want it flat. The drawback to that is you'd have to adjust the mask path with the changes in position of the lightsword.

    I think the HF team got it right though. If the light near the hilt appears as a straight line in a movie it's most likely due to the angle. There is also a lot of glow near the hilt which makes it hard to tell if it's straight or not. In this scene I see a  straight line on the hilt briefly when Darth Maul starts his sabre up but it's just the angle for a moment. Jump to 1:21 if it starts from the beginning.


    Even in the still frame before clicking on play you can see the hilt clearly is not a straight line.

  • If Curvature of the Hilt points could go negative one could keyframe much hilt masking in the Effect itself...

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    @Triem23 - Not sure I understand. Are you referring to the point positions? I've got both set to negative numbers but the curve still exists.- Oh- wait. It just clicked what you meant.

    @FilmTech - Gee- I forgot the other end. Sorry. For a fine tip, in the four point manual lightsword, go to the Tip settings and adjust the width. You should be able to get a really fine tip. Reducing the width of the core helps too.

  • Sorry. I should have said, "Set curvature to negative values with the Hilt points, you must! Much masking can you do this way.  Not always to the Dark Side does the negative lead."

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