Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Vote for my themesong!

Hey everyone! It's me, good old Tommy Gundersen from the old FXHome forums.
I am writing my first HitFilm post with the request of great assistance by you guys! I am participating in Ubisoft's UJAM contest to record the vocals for the maintheme song for Assassin's Creed Revelations!
If you help me reach the Top 20, it's a 5% chance for me to win 1000$, time in the studio with the composers of AC:R and my contribution within the AC:R game coming this November!
I hope you can spend 2 minutes listening to my take on it, and maybe even a vote? :D
The worlds biggest thanks in advance!
Listen & Vote!
(You vote by clicking the facebook Like-button ;D)


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    like it !
    good luck !! ( Assassin's creed is one of my favorite game :D )
  • Thanks a lot bud! I am extremely excited about this. 28 votes away from being in the top 20 and eligible for the finals @-)
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    You have serious, serious competition from Nick Chester on there, with his song titled Assassin's Creed: Just Give Me The $1000 Now.
    Great job on your entry though! A lot on there are very similar and for some reason I get the feeling one of the girls is going to edge it because of the angelic tones they produce. Good luck though!
  • You need a lot more votes to win, keep asking people, join lots of forums and stuff and try to get lots of people to vote.... Also at your work/school
  • Yeh, agree with you Nutty ... Some people there also have brothers on YouTube who normally receives a lot of views on their other videos who's advertising for their sisters ... So it's tough alright.
    I do believe a female will go too. People just generally like the female voice more :) (Don't blame them.)
    Thanks for the votes and help guys! :D
  • Sounds great! Interesting competition they're doing there. Do you do a lot of vocal work, Tommy? What other kind of music are you doing these days?
    Anyway, you've got a like from me. :)
  • Very nice piece, gets my vote. Good luck in the competition.

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