Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Does anyone have any tutorials, tips or tricks that I can use to make Kylo ren's lightsaber. It would be even cooler if it became an added effect in a future update. 'hint' 'hint'. :D


  • Or a preset that would be good too

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    I have one. A tutorial, I mean. The thing is, I just finished it today, and its not actually online yet... But it does exist.

  • Awesome I can wait to see it :)

  • Let me guess. Create point rig for the crossguard blades, parent to point rig for main blade. Adjust effect for main blade, then duplicate twice and change points for crossguard blades? 

    Usually I try not to be sarcastic and be helpful Mike, but, c'mon, if you can do a regular lightsaber, the silly crossguard saber is the exact same procedure guys! 

    However, I know Axel will have a great walk through, and might sneak in a few bonus tips and effects... 

    If anyone is wondering about rain hitting a lightsaber blade, it's really easy to do if your version of Hitfilm has the Particle Sim.... I suppose I should do a breakdown. 

  • Yeah the cross guard part would be easy. But what i'm interested in is how to get that unstable fire like look. I just can't crack it.

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    Hmmm. We'll see what Axel says, but I would copy the lightsaber and it's points to an embedded composite shot, change colors to white, add a touch of blur, then use that as a set matte for a grade layer with Heat Distortion. 

    Because that saves manual masking. 

  • As it turns out, I didn't even use a lightsword effect at all. the main blade is a particle sim, with a  bit of lightning added, and a gunfire effect to create the flameyness in the glow.

    If you are working with the Lightsword effect, though, make sure you set Distortion and Ficker all the way up.

  • @AxelWilkinson ah, yeah Particle sim can totally do Lightsabers! (So can Atomic!) I actually use Particle Systems for weapons a lot! Setting up mobile emitters triggering on death fired into a deflector (kills mobile emitters) and you have procedural hits! 

  • I have got a look that I kind of like but it still feels unfinished. I'll have to see Axel's tutorial.

  • Looks good!



  • try heat distortion on the lightsaber effect ;)

  • Yeah I used a bit of heat distortion maybe it needs more.

  • Here is that tutorial I had mentioned:

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    @AxelWilkinson my favorite part of this is your creative use of Muzzle Flash. That would even work with 3D points. 

  • Hey Axel, Why do you guys call it a lightsword instead of a lightsaber? 

    And also I was wondering if you could do that effect in Hitfilm 3 Exprees because that is the only one I have Because I'm only 11 and I don't have a spare $400.

  • Lightsaber is probably a registered trademark of Lucasfilm (now Disney). Same for Droid, Jedi and other things. If you want to use the name you gotta pay.

  • One must feed the mouse.

  • AngusLindsay 

    If you happen to be able to come across just a fraction of the cost $24.99 you can get the "Sci-fi Adventure Pack" add-on and it will work in express which also comes with more than just the lightsaber (oooops don't sue me Disney)effect. The link below will take you to the info about that add-on and others that you can view and possibly put on your list.

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    @AngusLindsay one doesn't need the Lightsword effect to do them. It's a specialized toolset that makes things easier and faster. 

    Here's an old tutorial showing other methods:

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