What Adobe After Effects features would you like to see in Hitfilm?


I know there is a long wish list thread that's been on-going for sometime.  Someone mentioned that all changes start with an idea and that's why i love the wish list  thread,  simply because The creators of HF have done a fantastic job of making HF better and better with each new update and release.  

I've seen quite a few suggestions from Vegas users regarding what they would like to see in future HF updates.  I used Vegas for a while and i agree with many of the suggestions that would be nice to see in HF.

I have used After Effects as well and although complicated to learn,  there's not much you can't do in AE.  That being said,  i wanted to start a specific thread on what AE features would we love to see in future HF updates.  I would personally love to see the puppet tool and roto brush features.    HF is already a front runner in NLE and compositing..  Its getting better all the time. What AE features would you like to see in future HF updates?  Any thoughts.... 


  • Multi layer EXR support. Without it pro studios can't work with HF.

    For me more sony vegas workflows on the video editing side :D

  • Definitely Roto brush and Puppet Tool but also Built in quick 3D camera tracker

  • It's not an AfterEffects thing (...or maybe it is), but at this point in time I really find myself wanting to be able to copy and paste transitions.  Christmas, maybe?

  • warp stabiliser! so you don't have to always track a point to stabilise a clip

  • "...find myself wanting to be able to copy and paste transitions."

    +1. Some way to set multiple transitions to the same setting. Copy/paste, drag/drop, etc.

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