Strange interaction between Quad Warp and Matte Cleaner feather

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I have been following the Quad Warp corner pinning thread(s), and I decided to try this myself. I grabbed the DSLR and pointed at the TV screen and walked a little side to side and tracked with the Htifilm point tracker.

The Quad warp edges are not anti-aliased or it is a little weak so I tried to add a feather to the edge with the Matte Cleaner effect. The feather is not really what I would call a feather, but it seems to be magnifying the aliasing edge. Thus making it more apparent.

Here is a video showing what I see on my machine. I removed the background video and replaced it with the plane. All you see is the quad warped screen replacement and that is a still image. You first see it without Matter cleaner feathering. Then with 5 pixel feathering and finally with 50 pixel feathering. The later really (excessively) visibly shows what is going on even with the 5px feather. At 50 It is in your face.

Demo video

Here is a project which was used to create the above video. It is just a Hitfilm project and the jpeg. A 500K DL. You will have to relink the jpeg on import as your folders are not the same as mine.

Demo Project files

HF 4, update 1

Windows 7, i7 4770k 4Ghz, 16GB, AMD 7950 GPU 950Mhz, 3GB, driver 15.11 (current)


  • Yeah, that's what I find too.

    Try: Adding a box mask to the texture that's a few pixels smaller than it on all 4 sides, then in Mask>Shape, add some Feathering and Expansion. It will blend the edges into what's behind it, which is effectively what anti-aliasing is.

    Can't easily improve on the middle pixels wibbling about though. Blurring or 3D Extrusion's Multisampling can help (side bonus, lighting now affects the texture.), Or use a pre-blurred texture, so the pixels chosen are already close in appearance to each other, or use a texture that's close to the size it'll be on screen, so it has less choice for the pixels, so more likely to choose the same one, or use a much smaller texture than shown on screen, so its scaling it up and therefore more likely to choose the same pixel twice, or, some combination of all of them.

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