HitFilm 4 Pro update not responsive


I already started a support ticket on this issue but here's what's going on.

I downloaded the  update today finally.  When Hitfilm 4 Pro opens, first thing i notice is that the program flickers about 3 to 4 times as if its a graphic card issue, which by the way is up to date.

From there i go to open a project, either a new one or saved one and upon opening, none of the buttons or pull down menus are working.  At first i could scroll thru footage but nothing else seems to work.  

I restarted the computer 3 times and Hitfilm 3 times, same issue.  I uninstalled the program and reinstalled, same issue.  I turned off my anti virus which is Trend Micro... same issues.   With program running, continue to get program flashing, no crashes yet and no ' not responding" messages...  

None of these issues existed with Original HF 4 Download...


Windows 7 home premium

64bit I-7 4820 3.7 ghz

16 gig ram

Nvidia 760t1  Geo Force

Trend Micro Anti virus...

Any thoughts??


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    Forgot to add...

    I have a 500 gig SSD drive with plenty of space on it.. 

    I tried HF2 that i still had loaded on computer.. no problems.. 

    Tried to launch HF 4 one more time.. same issue.. flickering screen, im able to use the file button for a brief second then the pulldown portion disappears and then none of the buttons work.  I have to use cntrl alt delete to stop the program.. again, does not show that it is non responsive.. 


  • Hi @LIFE_LEADERSHIP, what is your screen resolution? Have you got any external screen plugged in? Have you got auto hide taskbar feature turned on?

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    Hi there, 

    Axel suggested i uninstall and reinstall hf4. I did that twice.  Also have the auto hide task bar disabled and my nvidia card is up to date.. 

    I do have other screens attached to my computer however,  hf4 originally worked no problem. The screen resolution has not changed either bit ill double check when i get home from out of town.  I cant say for sure thats not the issue but logic suggests that the only thing i did was update hf4 so im running out of ideas.  Ill keep working on it.. Thanks for your input 


  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP Yes, we fixed an issue related to menus in HitFilm 4 Update 1, however doing so made the issue happen on low resolution screens (eg 1366 x 768). We fixed this internally for the next update but I'd like to confirm that it would be fixed for you as well. If you could post here your screen resolutions it would be a great help.

    In the meantime, the workaround for the issue is to restore down the window and manually resize it to be slightly smaller than the screen. Doing so should make the menus work again. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • Hi guys, 

    Got it working with this fix and work around..  It was driving me crazy.  Looking forward to the official fix in the next update.. Thanks guys. 


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