Polar Warp effect edges are not antialiased

I originally brought this up in another forum, but wanted to drop it here now that I've isolated the problem to the Polar Warp effect.

Take any layer and apply the Polar Warp effect. If needed, adjust the effect's End Radius parameter so that you can see the outer edge of the warp as a circle (not cropped into a square/rectangle by the layer's original dimensions). That outer circular edge is not smoothed when "Antialiased" is on in the Viewer panel, nor is it antialiased during export.  If you increase the effect's Start Radius to turn the warp into a ring, you'll notice that the inner edge is also not antialiased.

I'm seeing this behavior in HitFilm 3 Express 3.1.0132 (update 8) on a Mac Mini with 8GB of RAM.


  • That's an annoying bug! 

    So the quickest temp workaround is to duplicate the Polar Warp layer and put a Blur on the bottom copy. 1 or 2px, 1 or 2 iterations should do it. If the AA ain't working, roll your own. 

    You probably already figured that out. ;-) 

  • Thanks for the tip, Triem23! I hadn't actually tried to find a workaround yet, but that works fairly well for now.

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