Star Wars Fan Film - Trial By Fire

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    Pretty solid. The biggest problem is at the beginning when the bounty hunters are dumb enough to give a lightsaber to a Force Sensitive. Here's an annoying "should have" note: Perhaps if the bounty hunter threw the hilt a long distance as his taunt. Our potential Jedi runs for his weapon as the lead bounty hunter lines up his shot. 

    If you have time to re-edit consider trimming the sequence where the lead bounty hunter's blaster malfunctions. Taking it from his face, adjusting, raising back to firing position, cutting to the Force Sensitive running, then back to the bounty hunter with his gun down looks odd. Cut out of the lead bounty hunter while he's still adjusting his blaster, lose the next two shots so we go right from adjusting the gun to tge Force Sensitive reaching the trees, then back to the "wave forward," and I think it will look less awkward, and add some intensity to the moment he waves his henchmen on. 

    When the Force Sensitive pulls out the lightsabe--sword after stabbing the last bounty hunter, that blade drifts--it's not you, it's the way the actor moved. Nothing you can do to fix that (unless you have another take?). So there's an old film/theater saying. "If you can't fix it, feature it." Could you add some burning or smoke or something to the poor dead guy? That would just be nasty and brutal, but also a cool effect. What version of Hitfilm are you running? 

    Otherwise, nice work! 

  • Thanks for the advice I'm running Hitfilm 4 Pro

  • Then you'll want to take a look at this RodyPolis tutorial. It's Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, but everything is the same in 4 Pro. Just a little difference in the interface.

  • Yeah I was thinking of doing that but I ran out of time for the comp. Im going to re edit it and shoot some more material. I will also add that effect.

  • Here is a little Before and After vid I put together of it.

  • This is off topic, so my appologies.

    While watching the RodyPolis tutorial linked here, I noticed the Asphalt textures Hitfilm Ultimate had. HF 3/4 do not have these. They look like they might make good debris textures. Does anyone out there have these laying around to make available? Maybe a HF staffer.

  • @filmtech Good job, firstly bonus points for getting something out! I liked the cuts and framing was good. Something about the Ligh Saber that made it look fake, not sure if it was too bright. Also maybe next time consider building the tension at the start, I get that your where trying to reduce the risk of poor voice acting (i.e. not having any) but even a fake communication at the start to set the scene might have worked well. Eg.

    Bad dude with Big gun holds wrist to his mouth (communicator style) and sends a transmission.

    "Sir, we have the suspected Jedi prisoner, what should we do with him?"

    Voice over "I want him dead, but let us see first what powers if any he has , give him his weapon."

    Suprised big bad dude "Sir are you sure?"

    Voice over "Do it or don't bother to return!"

    Video then proceeds as normal. Only now your story has some context and reason for the weapons return.

    Good job.

  • @FilmTech - Some context at the beginning would be nice- just to set the scene. I'm guessing Triem23 was correct that they are bounty hunters not oversized Jawas.  ;^)  just kidding. Although, I did notice the awkward light sabre removal from the last bounty hunter.

    Nicely done! Was this for a class or just film learnin' on your own?

  • Yeah we made it for film learnin specifically but were gonna film some more scenes and film some scenes to make it all tie up.

  • @Filmtech has the film got any grading on it, maybe some darkening or a vignette to pull focus. Anyway I'll take anything StarWars right now...

  • @Andy001z Yeah it has grading here is a side by side comparison.

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