Boris FX didn't show - installed in different disk from installer (Resolved)

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Using HF4P Demo 4.0.4803.28705 Win7Pro 64 bit, did install HF in D\Program Files (SSD) but by default Boris is installed on C\Program Files (HDD) and didn't show in effects, need I to do something?


  • Boris and Mocha are not activated in the demo version. :) 

  • Ok that's a good reason! Thanks!

  • davide445 - Sorry just a tiny correction to what @Triem23 has said above, mocha is available to all HitFilm 4 Pro demo users, but OFX Plug-ins are disabled until you are fully licensed, which of course includes BorisFX.

  • @Ady thank you for the correction. I'll make a mental note of that. I certainly wouldn't want to give Hitfilm users incorrect information. :-)

  • @Triem23 - No problem at all buddy, thank you for helping out, it is much appreciated! :)

  • so I own HFpro4 and I see the Boris fx list, is there more that boris can provide for HF?  I own BCC9 for Vegas and I asked Boris and they told me they have no plans to support hitfilm with BCC9/10  what gives? have there been talks? anything?

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