How to import M4V files? (change file extension to .mp4)

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I was sitting down to edit a video with a clip that was in the M4V format, and I tried to import it into HitFilm and it would not do it. Does HitFilm Pro 4 accept M4V files? I had to go back to Vegas to do the video, which was a bummer since I wanted to work in HitFilm.


  • M4V should work in Hitfilm. It's h.264! Heck, M4V MEANS "Mpeg 4 video."

    Try renaming a video file to MP4 and see if that solves the issue 

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    It depends on the contents of the M4V file. If the  video codec is AVC/H.264 then yes Hitfilm should be able to read it. Hitfilm seems to key on file extensions and not the file header so a rename to Mp4 as Triem23 suggested might be the ticket.

    M4V and M4A are a couple of alternate common file extensions for the MP4 container file.

    If you even want to know the contents of a media file the free MediaInfo utility is nice to have around.


  • I was really sad when i went to edit my film when it said m4v was not compatible please help. 

  • The possible answer to your problem is literally one post above your question.

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    I imported an m4v file and it didn't  work! Help! And yes, it is an H264.

  • @Tesliana did you rename it as suggested above?

  • Try to rename .MP4 or proceed your file into Handbrake [ hand brake option, force .mp4 extension in parameters]

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    Upload the m4v file to dropbox and I will download it and then I will tell you what the issue is with it.

  • Thanks Norman, it worked! I just renamed the files into mp4 and hitfilm was able to work with it!

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    To be honest, I have no idea about how to import m4v files change file extension to MP4. The way for me to change M4V to MP4 is to use Tuneskit DRM Media Converter. It is designed to convert iTunes M4V to MP4 format with quality losslessly. Maybe you can try it. Or you can click [LINK REMOVED] to check more details and info. Good luck to you. 

  • @Torence "I have no idea about how to import m4v files change file extension to MP4. "

    All you are doing is renaming the file extension. You can do that with the Windows file manager. You will need to enable the manager to display file extensions. It normally hides known extensions.

    There is a post with help on this topic in a couple of threads.

    In the Transcode thread there is a post that links to my original thread about renaming from MOV to MP4 for performance reasons.

    Here is a link to that thread.

    I updated the ZIP file linked in that thread with a batch to do an easy rename for M4V to MP4.

  • Hi, are they iTunes M4V movies? If so, they are all locked with the FairPlay DRM protection. All you need is to get an itunes m4v to mp4 converter to help you remove the DRM protection and convert the iTunes videos. Here is the detailed tutorial on how to convert m4v to mp4.   Good luck, my friends. 

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