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So, I submitted a movie I made to the Wall around the 14th of November.  A week later it hadn't appeared, but others submitted in that timeframe had been.  I submitted it again.  The site told me my "movie has been updated", and I could even follow a link to view it through the site, but it's been over two weeks now and there's been multiple other movies posted since then.  I can't imagine it's a "quality" issue as there are a bunch of 0:00-length test renders up there, so what's going on?


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    The Movie Wall, at the moment, is kind of being treated as "Featured Only." For a while the Wall was plagued with maybe 10 identical posts in a row, as well as content unsuitable for this forum. 

    Given the recent launch, I don't know if the mods just haven't updated the movie wall in a couple of weeks, or if your upload has been actively decided to NOT be featured. 

    Not a fan of the current model for the Movie Wall--I can understand wanting to reduce spam and eliminate certain content (I'm a bit disturbed that a pre-teen user was posting that much hentai), but, right now there's no indication to users that Movie Wall submissions might be delayed in posting or never actually go up. 

    Steve, I think you should go ahead and create your own thread for your projects. Just one thread that you update with renders. Graymotion has his "Production Zone" thread, I have my "Working on THIS!" thread, Keegan has his "Production MEGATHREAD!" and so on. 

    Doing it in a thread does make it easier to get feedback on things. 

  • Ah, ok.  No worries.  I don't care either way, but if it turned out to be a technical issue I'd rather have reported it than not.

    (For the record, I already have a production thread.  You've posted in it. lol)

  • I probably have, at that! ;-). 

    This is not a good week for me. Right now I am kinda posting on autopilot, if that makes sense. 

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