Acquiring Presets From 3 Pro to 4 Pro

If one has created preset effects in HF3P, is there a way to get those presets into HF4P without having to re-create them?


  • Select your presets in the effects panel and right click and choose export presets. Then import those presets into HF4.

    If you want to get down and dirty, the preset file(s) are saved in the "ProgramData" folder. You can just copy from one to the other. It's what I did.

    C:\ProgramData\FXhome\HitFilm 3 Pro\Presets

    C:\ProgramData\FXhome\HitFilm 4 Pro\Presets

  • If you create a folder for all of your own original presets in HitFilm, then you can export the entire folder.  Then just select the entire folder to import all of its contents whenever you upgrade or re-install the software, or to move the presets from one machine to another.

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    NormanPCNAxelWilkinson - Thanks guys! I know I probably should have known that by now but I didn't have many presets between HF1 to HF3  so I just redid them by hand. Now I have many more and exporting/importing will be much quicker.             

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