HitFilm 3 Express Special Edition: fan film ready

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HitFilm 3 Express Special Edition is here, complete with bonus free effects - lightswords and lightning!

We've got a fancy new website shouting about it over here.

Check out our new blog post where we muse about the influence of Star Wars on our company and our users.

And don't miss Axel's new tutorials (primarily aimed at Express users, but the techniques are universal!):




  • Thank you so much for this special edition! I was planning on filming a lightsaber battle on my last backpacking trip with my brother - but he injured his back so I scrapped that idea. 

    But thanks to this release I've decided to let the idea start simmering again. Thanks for the tutorial too! May the force be with you.

  • "Hitfilm Strikes Pack?" I think for a moment I looked like Simon Jones reacting to Axel's pun... 

    Huh, what a nice, well timed giveaway! 

  • I've never blurred the Bantha poodoo out of something before. Maybe I should.

  • Perfect timing guys, with only 17days left till the force is back with us, it's great to see your tuts and special pack.  + love the new informal style.

  • I am unable to make the new Upgrade work... I download it and install it but everytime i open HitFilm, it still offers the upgrade. At first i thought it was just a message that will appear for a while but when attempting to use the sample files, it says that they are for an extended version and i cannot use them all????

  • It just dawned on me that Express Special Edition does not have Light Flares included. I wonder if there is any embedded commentary (pro/con) given JJ's involvement in the franchise. 

  • Have to also add, love those images above, just shows the POWER of the Hitfilm tool.

  • @HitFilmer20991 - as long as you put your email address into the Force page, the next time you launch Express it should have the new effects enabled. You will need to be running the latest version of Express, though, so make sure you've installed the most recent update.

  • Same problem as @HitFilmer20991, I followed SimonKJones' instructions, but still get the same error when trying to load the projects.

  • Could there possibly be more vfx tutorials on things like laser guns, lightswords clashing, and space battles. 

  • @monkeyman02c Are you asking that in a 'Chandler Bing' way? As in "Could there possibly be more vfx tutorials..."? Or do you actually want some more?

  • Or do you actually want some more?

    I certainly do.  Those are my favorite ones.

  • I can't speak for the current plans of the Marketing team (those are hidden in a heavily-guarded vault 200 feet below the office, next to Josh's plan for a battlestation with which to rule the Galaxy and the only known copy of AlamDV 4), but we have a 15 year history of doing Star Wars-related tutorials and things here at FXHOME, so you never know.

  • Is that the same vault with the hidden dart traps and the huge rolling ball? Man I nearly lost my hat trying to break into that one. ;)


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