Paid work for HitFilm f/xpert

HitFilm Hotshoes:
If you can achieve quality f/x results like those in the HitFilm tutorials and the Prism movie (stunning!) I'd like to talk with you about some paid work.
I run a small production company that makes short fiction vids (mostly sci-fi and horror) for websites. Until now, I've been the f/x guy (from AlamDV to HitFilm and every stage between). But I no longer have the time and I'd like to find a serious amateur or budding pro to farm-out some of my f/x work. 3D modeling and motion tracking experience would be a plus.
Pay will vary from project to project depending on complexity and duration. I'll pay a mutually agreeable amount per project - based on $25US/hour of labor. All work will be FTP'd to/from my server and I'll pay upon completion and acceptance with PayPal or check via snail-mail, your choice. I'd like to forge an ongoing (if sporadic) relationship with a talented independent contractor - this is NOT in any way an offer of employment.
If you're interested please send a private response using the HitFilm "Send a Message" button to few-regrets. Attach any pertinent links to prior f/x projects if you have some but keep it informal and just tell your qualifications. Please state your age as well (some of our projects get pretty risque') and your general geographical location. I'll respond to each message within 48 hrs. Thanks.

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