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My regional settings for fractional units are comma: 123,45. HF uses dot separator like 123.45. In HF3 when I write numbers on keypad and hit dot [.](DEL) key, windows puts comma ',' sign, and HF repair it to '.'. It was good. But now in HF4 when I do the same thing I get 12345 instead of 123.45. I have to use dot sign from qwerty part of the keyboard which is inefficient.

Please return the previous behaviour in next release.

P.S. Ad hoc solution is to use Autohotkey with this line:


Changing regional setting is not a good solution because other apps will work incorrect then.


  • Hi @PelzaK I'm sorry you are experiencing issues.

    HitFilm 4 Pro is running in the EN-US locale, which enforces usage of '.' (dot) for decimal and ',' (coma) for digit grouping. This makes HitFilm more consistent and easier to use for everyone (or so we thought, it might not be the case for your locale).

    I just tried a new install of Windows 10 in French and HitFilm works as expected: to enter 123.45 I can use the numpad, however if I type "123,45", the value is corrected to "12345", which is the intended behaviour.

    Could you answer a few questions please, it would help us to understand if there is an issue that we need to fix:

    1. What version of Windows are you running? (7/8/10...)
    2. What language is your Windows running in?
    3. What are your regional settings? You can see it in the Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region > Change data, time, or number formats > Formats tab > Additional settings... (button at the bottom) > Numbers tab. I am interested in your decimal symbol and your digit grouping symbol. Here's mine:Number format
    4. Have you got any third party software that converts the numpad '.' to ','? If you press the numpad '.' in notepad for example, does it get converted to a coma?


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    1. Windows 10 x64
    2. Polish language
    Decimal symbol: ,
    Digit grouping symbol: (space) or nbsp; (cant say).
    List separator:  ;
    Rest is the same as Yours.
    4. No. When I press numpad '.' windows put ',' in any edit window. HF3 change 123,45 value to 123.45, while in HF4 I get 12345.
    I'm using numpad a lot while editing so it would be great if editboxes would work as in HF3.

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